April 2012.

April 2012.

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"I was sensitive to civilizations problems but I don’t think I understood how real it was. Once we started going around the world, it was impossible to ignore. Massive development, massive poverty, violence, repression, depression, it was everywhere, and at such a great volume. Then as we delved deeper into touring the U.S. I saw that I don’t have to go to south east Asia to see these issues, they were right there in America, city to city you saw it. The separation of wealth, the greed, the destruction and all that it yields. It affected the writing by making the songs’ metaphors broaden, we tried to cover as much ground as we could lyrically and musically to express all this as simply as possible. That’s what artists are for, they can describe the things we feel but cannot necessarily understand or say. Going to Hell the album is my personal take on my life and what I’ve seen whether it’s global or personal"
- Taylor Momsen on how Going to Hell refers to injustices such as global poverty, resource depletion, and income inequality

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Taylor Momsen / Leonardo Mateus.

Taylor Momsen / Leonardo Mateus.

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Talking about my favorite band:
Me: They're all idiots.
Person: I thought you liked them
Me: no you don't understand

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birthday party in vegas just like kim k

i’m gonna be there by kim k hollywood app